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About Us

We exist to serve.

• We truly believe eye health care and quality eyewear can change lives.

• It's an honor to be Blount County's eye care provider!




Our practice pillars are the foundations that guide everything that we do. Vision is our focus on eye sight and all of the elements that make up the visual system. Eye Health is our focus on the eyes as a component of your overall health and medicine. Wellness is our focus on educating and empowering people to improve their own quality of sight and life. Optical is our focus on the importance of quality and sustainability in eyewear. All of these come together to create the ultimate eye care experience at Blount County Eye Center!

Blount County Eye Center has been serving this community for over 50 years! During that time we've moved locations, added services and innovated eye care. Today, we are proud to be Blount County's most comprehensive eye care provider offering the region's largest eyewear selection through The Optical Shoppe. We're humbled by our past and extremely excited about where we're headed in the future!


The Eye Care Experience

What do you get when you build a culture of service, create an atmosphere of positivity & praise, and assemble a team of skilled & compassionate physicians? You go beyond "healthcare" and enter into the ultimate eye care experience!

Our Building

In August 2015, Blount County Eye Center created one of the most innovative and unique eye care facilities in the country right here in the foothills of Blount County, TN. Now the best is in our backyard and we'd love for you to come explore it!



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