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Vision Wellness Center

This portion of our clinic is focused on eyesight and the visual system. This is where our eye doctors perform vision care exams providing services such as glasses prescriptions and general eye health evaluations. If you're looking for general or refractive eye care services, then look no further than the BCEC Vision Wellness Center!

Medical Eye Care Center

This portion of our clinic is focused on ocular and systemic health. There are many potentially devastating eye diseases and conditions out there. Being able to diagnose, manage and treat these conditions is critical to preserving eyesight and health. The eye doctors at Blount County Eye Center are committed to providing cutting edge medical eye care in our clinics.

Contact Lens Clinic

This portion of our clinic is specifically devoted to the precision fitting of contact lenses on individuals who wish to wear them. We carry one of the largest contact lens selections in the market, and our eye doctors are proud to fit many forms of specialty contact lenses. A contact lens fitting is a precision-driven process. We utilize several cutting-edge technologies to ensure our patients have the perfect lens for their eyes!


At Blount County Eye Center, we embrace technology! Continually investing in cutting-edge technology is vital to providing a superior level of eye health care. Take a minute to learn about some of the equipment that we're proud to offer our friends in Blount County!


An OCT is like an ultrasound that uses light waves to measure and image spectacular detail within the eye. Using an OCT, our eye doctors are able to see individual layers of the retina. They're also able to use the OCT to aid in specialty contact lens fits.

Visual Fields

Measuring peripheral vision and your field of vision can be critical for both diagnosis and management of eye conditions. Our visual fields machine is able to provide the eye care physicians at Blount County Eye Center with information about potential vision loss.


The corneal topographer is an amazing piece of equipment that can be used to precision map the front surface of the eye. It is extremely useful to aid in the fitting of contact lenses. It is also useful in measuring irregularities and changes in the corneal surface.

Retinal Camera

Have you ever wondered what the inside of your eye looked like? This is one way in which a retinal camera can change the game in eye health care! The images captured with this camera create a permanent, documented history of your eye health. As images are taken year to year, your eye doctor is able to track and show you any changes that take place within your eye.

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