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The staff team here is amazing! They are a selfless group of people who have a true passion for helping others. These people are what makes Blount County Eye Center the BEST EVER!


- The Optical Shoppe Coordinator


Aislynn is from Florida originally and graduated from Maryville High School. She currently lives in Greenback. Aislynn was in the Air Force following high school. She's married to her husband, Billy, and has a son, Berry. Her name is pronounced like island without the "d" at the end!


"I love working at BCEC because I love helping people and making friends here in the community!"


Fun Fact: Aislynn cannot really say the word "comfortable"...it's actually really funny!


- Clinic Team Leader

- Clinic Assistant


Adriane is originally from Newport and graduated from Cocke County High School. She has a daughter, Camryn, and a west named Bailey. She loves football as well as playing UNO and Pictionary.


"I love working at BCEC because of the fantastic people I get to meet and work with daily!"



Fun Fact: Adrianne really wants to learn how to ride a motorcycle one day and own a Harley!


- The Optical Shoppe Team


Andy is originally from Knoxville. He loves playing and listening to music, and he leads student worship at Shoreline Church in Knoxville. He's a huge baseball fan and his team is the Red Sox! He's married to his wife, Laura, and they are expecting twins soon!


"I'm excited to work for a company committed to making our patients lives better through enhancing the most fundamental of senses: how we see the world"


Andy lived in San Francisco, CA for a year and helped start a church there. He'd love the chance to go back and visit some of his friends still living there!


- Front Office Team


Alaina is originally from Jacksonville, FL, but has been in east TN for over 11 years now. She went to Heritage High School and is now a student at Maryville College studying Psychology. She loves music and plays both the flute and saxophone. She's currently learning to play the banjo!


"Working at BCEC has confirmed for me that I really want to have a career helping people. The work environment is amazing from the patients to the fantastic staff that I get to work and grow with every day! I couldn't be more blessed!"


Fun Fact: If Alaina could have any super power, she'd have the ability to speak all languages. She feels that most conflicts arise from miscommunication and having the ability to clearly communicate with people would really save the day!


- Clinic Assistant


Chloe is a Nashville native but is currently a student at Maryville College. She's studying Biology & Chemistry and plans to enter Optometry School when she graduates! When she's not working or studying, Chloe really enjoys sewing, crafting, hiking and being in the great outdoors.


"I feel blessed to have the opportunity to work and learn from the staff at BCEC. I love that I learn something new every day from the staff and from the patients we see!"


Fun Fact: Chloe has developed a slight obsession with eyeglasses & sunglasses. Her collection continues to grow!


- Clinic Assistant


Bio Coming Soon!


- The Optical Shoppe LAB Assistant


Joe is from Maryville and went to William Blount High School. He's currently a student at Liberty University. Joe serves as a Young Life leader at Heritage High and hopes to turn that ministry into his full-time career one day. He loves music and plays the drums at church, he's in love with coffee and he considers himself a low-key Disney fan.


"What makes working at BCEC so great is having the opportunity to serve people well. My absolute favorite thing is getting folks into glasses that they are in love with."


Fun Fact: Joe is surprisingly a good dancer...just ask and he'll bust a move!


- The Optical Shoppe Assistant


Dana is from Friendsville and went to William Blount High School. He's currently a student at UT Knoxville studying Ecology. So far he's visited 30 states in the US and enjoys traveling.


"I love working at BCEC because I get to present patients with new glasses and see how excited they get!"


Fun Fact: If Dana could only drink one thing for the rest of his life it would be sweet tea.


- Clinic Assistant


Laura is originally from Paris, TX, but has spent most of her life right here in Blount County. She went to Alcoa High School and is currently in the Apprenticeship Program under Dr. Lloyd to become a licensed optician in TN! She's married to Lavelle and has a son, Myles. They attend Foothills Church and serve on the Hospitality Team there.


"The best part of my job is building relationships with our patients and helping them see better"


Fun Fact: Laura can't roll her R's!


- Clinic Assistant


Jack is originally from Omaha, NE, but has lived in Maryville most of his life. He went to Maryville High School and graduated from UT Knoxville with a degree in Kinesiology. Jack is also a student at Southern College of Optometry in Memphis and will someday be one of the physicians at Blount County Eye Center! He really enjoys power-lifting and running, and jack is a classically-trained vocalist.


"I really enjoy getting to work at BCEC because we have great patients and a fun staff, and I'm fascinated by the science behind what we do here!"



Fun Fact: Jack loves to cook and sample new dishes from local restaurants, especially spicy food!


- The Optical Shoppe Assistant


Shana began her life in Connecticut and then moved to Florida. She says several years later her parents closed their eyes and pointed to a new place on a map...and she wound up in Maryville, TN! She does acknowledge though that's probably not the best way to make major life decisions :-)  Shana graduated from Heritage High School and spent some time in college before she decided she wasn't sure what her future held and wanted to live life a little first. She married a pretty splendid fellow and they have a dog that looks like Bambi. She enjoys hiking, sewing, gardening and reading when she's not binge watching TV.


"The best part of my job is the people. My co-workers are some of the most wonderful people I have encountered. It's quite nice being surrounded by genuinely caring people that enjoy helping the community."


Fun Fact: Shana is a pretty splendid story-teller!


Coming Soon!


- The Optical Shoppe Assistant


Bio Coming Soon!


- Front Office Team


Bio Coming Soon!


- Resources Coordinator

- Front Office Team


Rachel is from Knoxville and went to Central High School. She graduated from UT Knoxville with a degree in Psychology. She's obsessed with her puppies...like it might be a problem how much she loves them :-)


"The best part of my job is being able to place really great people in really great positions. I love to see how people flourish when the find the right job!"



Fun Fact: Rachel fights an eternal battle searching for that fine line between not enough coffee and too much coffee!


- Clinic Assistant


Anna was born & raised in Maryville and graduated from Maryville High School. She earned her Bachelors in English Literature and Religion from Centre College in Kentucky. She currently serves as a Young Life leader at William Blount. Her cat, Meow, is about to have a dad...because Anna is getting married! :-)


"I really love working at BCEC because Blount County is one of my favorite places. This job lets me meet and talk with so many different people from the town that I love!"


Fun Fact: Anna's foreign language in college was Ancient Hebrew, so she's translated the bulk of the book of Genesis!


- Clinic Assistant


Bio Coming Soon!


- Front Office Assistant




- Clinic Assistant


Brittany is from Madisonville. She has two boys that are obsessed with baseball...an that's ok with her!


"I am so happy to be working at BCEC because the staff and doctors are absolutely amazing. I also love meeting new patients. Our patients are the best!"


Fun Fact: Brittany goes to the Braves spring training every year at Disney!


Coming Soon!


- Clinic Assistant



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