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Our Team

The staff team here is amazing! They are a selfless group of people who have a true passion for helping others. These people are what makes Blount County Eye Center the BEST EVER!

Aislynn (Eyelynn)

- The Optical Shoppe Director


I am the Director of The Optical Shoppe at BCEC. I oversee all of the operations at the Nation's premier eyewear destination and I love it! I get to coach a team of optical staff that loves to help people look and see their best. I also love the challenges that optical presents, from edging lenses in the lab to helping

patients troubleshoot issues with their glasses. I also love

serving the optical needs of folks outside of BCEC's walls.

Going to the local assisted living facilities to clean glasses

has become one of my favorite things to do :-)


I love spending time with my family most of all! I spend

 a lot of time playing superheros with my son, and

 every now and then we let my husband play too.

 When I'm not at work I love working out. It relaxes

 me and keeps me sane! I also love eating pizza...

like a lot. It's also possible I have slight obsessions

 with John Wayne and Star Wars.

Andy (#Twindad)

- The Optical Shoppe Assistant


I love helping patients find the right glasses for them, balancing fit, style, and usability, and I hope that by the time they finish their visit, they understand a bit more about why we emphasize certain things like anti-reflective coatings

and better progressive designs.


I live in West Knoxville, and am married to Laura,

the mother of my twin boys, Owen and Levi.

They will be a year old this March. I love

watching baseball, playing and listening to

 music, the advent of elastane in men's pants

(oh the comfort), and thinking about how

 best to remove the wintercreeper vines

that are slowly overtaking my backyard.


- The Optical Shoppe Assistant


I am an optical assistant. My favorite part about being a part of the BCEC Team is

being able to help people. My job allows me to help people by finding the perfect

                                                                  frames for them and getting them in glasses,

                                                                      so they can see! I mean how much better

                                                                        could it get than that? I love traveling and

                                                                             listening to vinyls on my record player.


                                                                                 I am also a new DAD, so that is a fun

                                                                                 and interesting adventure!


Ashley (Ash)

- Front Office Assistant


                                     I work at the front desk at BCEC and love it! We are in charge

                                        of all of the scheduling and handling of insurance, but the

                                           best part is all of the communication with each and every

                                           patient. It is so fun getting to know everyone that comes

                                                into our office and being able to help create a friendly



                                                          I love painting and writing my interior design blog

                                                            called, “Interiorly Speaking” whenever I am not at

                                                                    work. However, cuddling with my sweet kitty

                                                                         Meeka is my absolute favorite thing to do

                                                                                 in my spare time!



- The Optical Shoppe Assistant


I'm an optical shoppe assistant! My duties include helping patients find the best frame that flatters their face with being within their budget! I also order/verify lenses, cutting/assembling lenses into frames & frame adjustments! What I enjoy most about my job is the moment when a patient tries on their glasses & they are finally able to see clearly! My hobbies outside of work include reading, sewing, working out, gardening, & cooking!!



- Accounts Coordinator



Alaina (Aliana-the-Braina)

- Associate Digital Media Coordinator and

  Front Office Assistant


I work at the front desk. I make sure our

patients have the best experience possible

as they schedule and check-in and out. I

really enjoy being able to help patients feel

at home and answer any questions they have!


     Outside of work, I enjoy cooking (and eating),

     wild life photography, and being with my

   family. I also enjoy snowboarding and

   listening to podcasts

Joe (Jogi Bear)

- The Optical Shoppe Assistant


When at BCEC, my main responsibility is to edge lenses. This process looks like me cutting lenses down to fit frames that patients pick out. I really enjoy doing this, and it is such an accomplishing feeling when patients pick up their glasses and see perfectly.


                                                When I am not helping people of Blount County see

                                                       better, you can find me hanging out with folks at

                                                        Heritage High School. I have been a Young Life

                                                          leader in Blount County for five years now, and

                                                            it has been my pride and joy. I am also very

                                                               involved at Springbrook Vineyard. This

                                                                 is where I go to church, and I help  serve

                                                                by playing the drums most Sunday mornings.

Amber (Reno-Ambereno)

- Front Office Assistant


                                                             I work at the front desk. The reason I love BCEC

                                                               so much is because I believe in the mission of

                                                                      a high level of care and service to our

                                                                        community. Everyone at BCEC displays a

                                                                       high level of character and loves to help

                                                                       make a difference in others’ lives.


                                                                           I love spending quality time doing fun

                                                                         things with family and friends. I volunteer

                                                                            in church and both of my children’s schools.

                                                        I play softball, volleyball, and the clarinet,

                                                                        and enjoy spending time in my kayak and

                                                                            on my wakeboard.


- Optical Lab Assistant


                                                                                 I cut lenses and fit them into frames

                                                                              for BCEC patients, and I enjoy working

                                                                               here because of how how welcoming

                                                                                         and friendly the staff is.


                                                                                             I am a senior at Alcoa High

                                                                                       School and enjoy playing sports.

                                                                                            I have played football all four

                                                                                             years and baseball for three

                                                                                             years. This year I am getting

                                                                                          back into soccer which I have

                                                                                         not played since middle school.

Alicia (Lee, Ali, or Leeshy…)

- The Optical Shoppe Assistant


I work as an assistant in the Optical Shoppe. I do everything from

helping our patients pick out new glasses, to adjustments,

repairs, and fulfilling orders in the lab. I really enjoy being

able to help my community with their eyewear needs. It

truly is a great feeling when our patients put on their

new glasses and see so much better!


A few things I enjoy outside of work are exploring

the outdoors, traveling to new places, and seeing

good live music! I also love any time spent with

my awesome dog, Nyla!

Adrianne (A)

- Clinic Director


I am the Clinic Director. I have been blessed with ensuring things run as smoothly as possible  during patients’ appointments in the clinic. I also strive to give them the best quality care even after their visit at BCEC. I love BCEC and what we stand for.


                                                                    I enjoy working for a company that reaches

                                                                        out to our community  to help in so many

                                                                              ways, and strives to make the world

                                                                              better- one pair of glasses or contacts

                                                                               at a time!


                                                                                            I enjoy spending time with my

                                                                                             family and our Westie, Bailey. I

                                                                                              like riding motorcycles and

                                                                                                trying new things, whether

                                                                                                that be a new food or a new

                                                                                                 place to visit.




Rachel (Rach)

- Vision Therapist

- Clinic Assistant


I am a clinic assistant here at Blount County eye center I really enjoy

what I do, being able to assist patients and trying to make their

experience here at BCEC the best quality eye care they have had!

Seeing patients smile from the time they come in the doors to

the time they leave is our goal.


I was born and raised right here in Maryville! I

completed an online course for administrative

assisting at Ultimate Medical Academy, and I’m

also a preschool ministy coordinator. Any free

time I get I love to spend it with my husband,

daughter and loved ones!



- Clinic Assistant


I work in the Clinic as a tech. I love helping our patients and hearing their stories!! It makes my day when we have a couple come in together that have been together for 50 years.                                                                  They have amazing stories to

                                                                                  tell! Another favorite part of my job

                                                                           is when we have a patient come in that

                                                                                has never had an exam before and

                                                                                 when we correct their vision with

                                                                                   contacts and their eyes light up

                                                                                   because they can see so great

                                                                                   instantly! That’s amazing!


                                                                               When I’m not at work I enjoy boating

                                                                                 and attending sporting events with

                                                                                 my friends and family!



Brittany (Brit)

- Clinic Assistant


I am a clinic assistant. I love working for BCEC because

the doctors and staff are out of this world brilliant,

I am constantly learning new and interesting things,

and our patients are the absolute best!


About me: I was raised just down the road in

Madisonville. I've got 2 boys, Harper and

Henley, who love to play baseball. And they

especially love when I coach them on and

off the field! We are certainly a baseball

loving crew!



Ryan (Ginger Ninja)

- Clinic Assistant


I help doctors to provide the best possible

care in our ability. I have worn glasses since

I was very young. I know what it feels like to

not be able to see, and I appreciate the

opportunity to help others with a problem

that I myself understand and sympathize with.


I love creating artwork and expressing myself

through creative outlets. I love dogs so much!

And I love spending time with my girlfriend and

my wonderful family.



- Clinic Assistant


                                                                    I am a clinic technician. I help our doctors by

                                                                        working up patients and getting their

                                                                           Information, starting their exam, and

                                                                         making sure they are comfortable. I enjoy

                                                                        working at BCEC for the amazing staff and

                                                                           patients. I like that after several years in

                                                                              the industry, I still learn new things



I                                                                              I am married with an amazing 3 year

                                                                                old. Our family enjoys many activities

                                                                                 outside and lots of nights at home

                                                                                  just hanging out as a family.


Jack (Future Dr. Jack)

- Clinic Assistant


I'm currently a third year student in Optometry school in Memphis. When I get out of school I'm going to join BCEC and help Blount County see better for years to come!



                                                                  I love working at BCEC because the staff is

                                                                     welcoming and friendly, and I love meeting

                                                                        new people every day!


                                                                         I’m from Maryville, and I have been here

                                                                           my whole life. I have 3 of the most

                                                                            amazing children! I love fishing, hiking,

                                                                           and watching scary movies!




Monique (Mo)

- Clinic Assistant


I am a clinic assistant, I love getting to

know patients and learning more about

eye health. I love spending time in the

mountains, hiking and camping.




Michaela (“The Mom/Chef of BCEC”)

- The Optical Shoppe Assistant


I work in the Optical Shop where I help style patients in glasses, and take care of

                                                                      their eye care needs. I love working here

                                                                                 because I love to help people and

                                                                                all of our employees are wonderful.



                                                                                                 I’m a family person! I love

                                                                                                      being with my family

                                                                                                   outdoors having fun and





- Front Office Assistant


As a front desk assistant. I am responsible for ensuring out patients have a positive first impression of our practice. I really enjoy problem solving-- If I can find satisfactory solutions for our patients, I feel like I've made a difference. Outside of work, I enjoy hiking, crochet, & beach volley ball!





- Front Office Assistant


I work the front desk here at BCEC! The constant interactions with patients on a daily basis is something I really enjoy. I like being able to problem solve for patients to make their visit here at BCEC great! Also, working in a

fast-paced environment with my amazing co-workers! I spend my time outside of work attending college online. I'm also very busy with my 6 year old daughter & 1 year old son. We like to go on adventures and see what fun we can find!




Bethany (Jinx)

- Clinic Assistant


I'm a clinic assistant-- I gather information & complete the

pretesting needed for your appointment with your doctor.

I enjoy being able to connect and help the community

on more of a personal level. It's more than just

a "hi" and "bye", it's "hello, how are you today?"

and "have a wonderful time on your vacation next week!".

You are more than just a number with us &

that's what makes the biggest difference. When

I'm not at BCEC, I love adventuring with my friends

& family! I also love photography, horseback riding,

wakeboarding, and baking (baking all the time!!).

Oh! And playing with puppies!

There's nothing better than that!


- The Optical Shoppe Assistant


I help patients pick out frames, educate

them on the options that would suit them

 the best, & notify them when their glasses are

ready to be picked up! I love being able to

see the expression on a little kid's face

when they put on their new pair of glasses

& realize how much better they can see.

I enjoy interacting with patients & learning

more about them than just glasses they like!

The atmosphere at BCEC & how welcoming

the staff here is is incredible. When I'm not at

BCEC, I'm usually taking my daughter Gracie

& our dog, Bear, to the park. I also like swimming,

trying new food, playing basketball,

& watching funny movies.


- Clinic Assistant


I am a clinic assistant, which means I help patients before they see the doctor. I enjoy all of the knowledge that I am gaining because I would like to become an optometrist! I like to see see the connections between my classes at school & the experience of working in my future field. When I'm not working, I'm a student at Maryville College & a girls wrestling coach!




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