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The Eye Love Project


We Love to Give!

We believe that our mission calls us well beyond the walls of our local clinic. We're called to give back, to create sustainability and to help care for those that cannot care for themselves. In 2014 we created the Eye Love wear & share Program at Blount County Eye Center. As people choose to support us, we support people in Blount County and around the world who don’t readily have access to eye care and eyewear.


It's important that we never take eye care and vision for granted. Being able to see clearly is the foundation of a child's development & education, it's the key to gaining employment to provide for a family and it's a vital part of maintaining independence as we age. Without it, a person's quality of life can greatly suffer. Luckily something as simple as an eye exam and pair of glasses can lift someone up...and change their life forever!


Eye Love put simply: You can't outgive God!

How the Program Works:

The wear & share Program is pretty simple...every time that someone buys an eyeglasses frame from The Optical Shoppe at Blount County Eye Center, we donate a brand new quality eyewear frame to one of our partner clinics around the world. The frames that are donated are quality, never used frames. In fact, we keep these frames on display at our clinic at all times so you can see what your purchase is giving!

You Buy + We Give = Lives Changed!

Eye Love


In 2014, BCEC partnered with Guatemala Eye Clinic to kick off the Eye Love wear & share Program. In the rural area of San Andrés Semetabaj, Guatemala, Dr. Alisha is providing life-changing eye care and eyewear to a very deserving and grateful people. We continue to donate frames to her clinic as well as to raise money to help her operate her clinic.

Eye Love


In 2015, BCEC partnered with HIS Vision to help serve the people of Haiti. With your help, we're able to help provide eyewear to their eye care clinics across this hurting nation.

Eye Love

Blount County

In 2016, BCEC began to give back more locally through Eye Love Blount County. This program is helping to provide free eyewear to many of our amazing local families and neighbors who may have fallen on hard times. It is also allowing us to provide children in our local schools who cannot afford glasses with eyewear options!




In 2016, BCEC started a new branch of the Eye Love program by honoring & supporting all of our local First Responders. This initiative includes offering vision care services to all active duty First Responders as well as hosting community events to honor all of those that serve locally.

Eye Love

First Responders

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