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Welcome to Blount County's Premier Eyewear Destination

The Optical Shoppe at Blount County Eye Center has raised the bar for the optical experience! We house east Tennessees largest eyewear selection with over 1,800 frames in stock and ready for you to try on at any time. We also have the regions largest selection of kids eyewear. At The Optical Shoppe, we are proud to make the large majority of our glasses right here in The Optical Shoppe LAB using only premium frames, lens materials and products.


When you fill your prescription at The Optical Shoppe, it's not about "sales". Our expertly trained staff is here to be your advocate and to educate you on all of your options. We don't pay our staff on commission, so you never have to worry about buying things you don't really need. Instead, our staff loves to see you smile! They're here to serve you. Come give us a try and see the difference!

Our Philosophy

We believe in the importance of precision when it comes to your prescription. We're committed to using premium products. Our goal is to always help you maximize your vision through prescriptions we fill.

We believe that eyewear should be fun! We're committed to providing one of the area's largest eyewear frame selections. Our goal is to help provide fashion eyewear at great prices.

We believe we're called to give back. We're committed to helping people here in our own community and around the world who don't have access to eye care and eyewear. Our goal is to do what we can with the blessings we've been given.

The Optical Shoppe LAB

Our lab is where the magic happens when it comes to your eyeglasses! We're proud to manufacture most of our glasses in our lab. We also are able to service and repair most frames using our vast selection of eyewear-specific tools. Our lab also features the region's only drive-thru service window!

Exclusive WOW! Warranty

We refuse to sell products at The Optical Shoppe that we can't stand behind. Life happens, glasses bend & break and lenses scratch. We offer our Exclusive WOW! Warranty on every single frame we sell. When you purchase eyewear from us, you can rest easy knowing you're covered!

Filling Your Rx Made Simple!

Step 1: Pick Your Frame

The first step to great eyewear is to select the perfect frame. There are both fashion and function elements to frame selection. You want to make sure you look great in your frame, that it matches your skin tone, and for guys...that your wife approves of it :-)  You also have to make sure the frame you select is functional for your vision needs. The team at The Optical Shoppe would love to help you select your next frame!

Step 2: Pick Your Lens Design

Single Vision? Bifocal? Progressive? Trifocal? Computer? There are many different lens designs to choose from. Selecting the one that is right for you begins in the exam room with your eye doctor. They will listen to your vision needs and recommend lens designs to help you maximize your vision. If you have questions about lens designs, please contact The Optical Shoppe team today.

Step 3: Pick Your Lens Material

The material your lenses are made out of is a very important decision! There are a wide variety of materials available for you to choose from. Each one has it's own pros and cons, and picking the one that is right for you is essential to a successful eyewear experience. If you would like to learn more about your choices in lens materials, please come by The Optical Shoppe and speak with our team.

Step 4: Pick Your Lens Features

After you have your frame and lenses selected, you can begin adding features to your eyewear to further enhance your visual experience! This includes things such as anti-reflective coatings, scratch prevention coatings, specialty tints, polarization, Transitions and many more. The team at The Optical Shoppe are happy to walk you through each of these features to help you decide if they are right for you!

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