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What Eye Love

This is Laura Anthony and she LOVES: Restoration!


Laura currently resides in Alcoa where she has lived for about 20 years! She is married to her husband, Spike, and they have an adorable son named Myles. When asked what it is that she loves, her answer was simply: restoration. However, the way this passion for restoration developed was not quite as simple. Years ago, Laura was consumed by addiction. Through hard work, determination and the power of God, Laura has been clean since March 2nd, 2010. Laura says that there is nothing like watching the power of God change an individual who is suffering and a prisoner to their addiction. The love of God has such a powerful impact! Laura's message to her community, especially those who suffer with a disease like addiction, is that help is always out there! She encourages people to come to RIO Revolution on Sundays and Tuesdays for a 12-step program called Celebrate Recovery at RIO Revolution. This program truly saves lives through God's healing & restoring love. Laura Anthony is such a strong woman, amazing wife and caring mother. We are so incredibly grateful to have learned what drives her love for RESTORATION. Because of the amazing passion that Laura has for restoration, Blount County Eye Center will make a donation to Rio Revolution on her behalf. Thanks for being you Laura!

This is Emily and she LOVES: People! (she's the one in the middle)


﷯This is Joe and he LOVES: YoungLife! Joe is originally from Maryville and has lived in Alcoa for the past year. Joe has been in love with YoungLife since he was a junior in high school at William Blount. During his junior year of high school Joe went to camp with YoungLife at Windy Gap and his experience there during that week changed his life forever. It was at Windy Gap that Joe met Jesus and dedicated his life to Him. Since that time, Joe has poured his heart into giving other young people the opportunity to experience what he did. YoungLife’s slogan is “you were made for this” and Joe truly believes that slogan is true for his life. Joe loves the fact that YoungLife’s mission is to make every high schooler and college aged person feel known and loved! Two of his favorite memories with YoungLife were the two summers he spent serving on the kitchen staff at YL's family camp, Trail West, in Colorado. Joe wants this community, and every community, to realize how incredibly important YoungLife is and how much it can positively impact a young person’s life. To Joe, YoungLife is hope and he knows that it can continue to be hope for others in our community who are in need. To learn more about YoungLife in our area, you can visit You can also reach out to the Blount County area staff (Tim Teague, Kristen Kessler and Sandy King). Because of the amazing passion that Joe has for YoungLife and his willingness to share that with others, Blount County Eye Center will make a donation to Blount County YoungLife on his behalf. Thanks for being so awesome Joe!

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