The LOVE Eye Care Program is a mission to show simple, intentional acts of kindness to the people living in our local community. It is an effort by eye care professionals to have a real and sustainable impact outside their practice walls. LOVE Eye Care is rooted in the belief that a person’s vision and eye health are fundamental to their overall quality of life. Many individuals in our community cannot afford quality eye care, or they have barriers to receiving care. LOVE Eye Care was created to bridge that gap to allow everyone a chance at better vision! The handful of LOVE Programs tied to LOVE Eye Care were created to help extend the gift of vision around the world, and to support the community and people who allow LOVE Eye Care to exist.


BCEC is proud to be LOVE Eye Care’s flagship practice and a Partner Practice in their efforts!

LOVE Eye Care provides

no-cost eye care and eyewear

to people who otherwise have barriers to care.


  • Patients are cared for in quality clinics and treated with respect
  • Patients never receive a bill for the care they receive
  • Supporting LOVE Eye Care Partner Practices helps to allow people to receive care

LOVE Eye-wear & Share provides

 brand new and recycled eyewear to people around the world.


  • LOVE Eye Care Partner Practices generously donate new eyewear
  • Your gently used eyewear can be recycled to help someone else

LOVE Blount County is a community outreach designed to highlight positive efforts in the local community, uplift people in need, and to support local businesses and individuals that continue to support LOVE Eye Care

Eye Love _______.

Eye LOVE ______. is a spotlight that is shined on people in the local community who have a true love for something that allows them to make a positive impact on the world around them.


  • Eye LOVE ______. stories are posted on social media each month
  • Individuals highlighted are nominated by their peers and coworkers
  • BCEC makes a donation on the behalf of each spotlighted individual to a local organization they wish to support


As a practice, we're committed to continually investing back into our community! We recognize that Blount County Eye Center is only a small part of what makes Blount County, TN truly great. This community, our friends, our neighbors...they're worth investing in. It's our way of serving outside of our clinic walls. We believe that loved people love people and that you can't do life alone!


These are some of the amazing organizations in our area that we are proud to promote and support!

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Our team is amazing! We're a group of people who are sold out to the idea of service to others. And the best can be a career! If you think you'd like to be a part of our team please apply today!

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