Eye Exams

Thorough examinations to assess your vision and eye health



Eye exams tailored for kids

Eye Disease Management

Medical eye care management of eye diseases such as cataracts, macular degeneration and glaucoma

Diabetic Eye Evaluations

Personalized management of diabetic eye disease



Medical management of glaucoma and intraocular pressure



Co-Managed care with in-house ophthalmology partners for surgical care

Dry Eye


Extensive dry eye evaluations and personalized treatment options



Thousands of contact lenses to fit anyone wanting to wear them



The region’s largest eyewear gallery and an in-house optical lab



Blount County’s only full-service vision therapy clinic


Contact Lenses

Contact lenses for patients who may not be ideal candidates for conventional contact lenses



Overnight, non-surgical reshaping of the eye to eliminate the need for glasses or contact lenses

Ocular Nutrition Counseling

Personalized supplement plans for at-risk individuals



We care for any and every eye-related issues you may have!

Technology at BCEC

At Blount County Eye Center, we embrace technology! Continually investing in cutting-edge technology is vital to providing a superior level of eye health care. Take a minute to learn about some of the equipment that we're proud to offer our friends in Blount County!

Optical Services

The Optical Shoppe

The Optical Shoppe at Blount County Eye Center has raised the bar for the optical experience! We house east Tennessees largest eyewear selection with over 1,800 frames in stock and ready for you to try on at any time. We also have the regions largest selection of kids eyewear. At The Optical Shoppe, we are proud to make the large majority of our glasses right here in The Optical Shoppe LAB using only premium frames, lens materials and products.


When you fill your prescription at The Optical Shoppe, it's not about "sales". Our expertly trained staff is here to be your advocate and to educate you on all of your options. We don't pay our staff on commission, so you never have to worry about buying things you don't really need. Instead, our staff loves to see you smile! They're here to serve you. Come give us a try and see the difference!

The Lab at BCEC

Our lab is where the magic happens when it comes to your eyeglasses! We're proud to manufacture most of our glasses in our lab. We also are able to service and repair most frames using our vast selection of eyewear-specific tools. Our lab also features the region's only drive-thru service window!

Eyewear at BCEC


We have the region’s largest selection of eyewear with over 2,000 frames in stock to choose from. From budget-friendly to name-brand designer eyewear, we have it all at BCEC!


The Sunglass Corner at BCEC is Blount County’s premier sunwear destination! Come browse an incredible selection of all the top brands.

Safety Eyewear

BCEC is the area’s leading safety eyewear provider, and we have a large selection of frames in stock for you to choose from. No matter where you work or what your hobbies are, we have the safety eyewear made for you!

Eyewear Accessories

Great eyewear is complimented with great eyewear accessories! At BCEC, we have all of the latest products for you to choose from.


Your lens design dictates how you're able to use your prescription. The design refers to the layout of the optics of the lens itself. There are a wide variety of options for you to choose from and your eye doctor will recommend the one they feel is best for you.


The actual material your lenses are made out of impacts your comfort, safety and vision in your glasses. Each material has it's own pros and cons, and it's important to understand those differences before you make your lens material selection.


Once you have your lens design and material selected, you can really start to customize your lenses with almost limitless features. Sometimes these features may even help to improve your vision, relieve eye fatigue and cut down on eye stress. They can also help your lenses be more functional to your specific activities, hobbies and lifestyle.

Wow! Warranty

We refuse to sell products at The Optical Shoppe that we can't stand behind. Life happens, glasses bend & break and lenses scratch. We offer our Exclusive WOW! Warranty on every single frame we sell. When you purchase eyewear from us, you can rest easy knowing you're covered!

The Vision Therapy Clinic @ BCEC

Vision Therapy is an innovative side of eye care offered at BCEC! Think of it like physical therapy for your eyes and visual system. Through the use of therapy activities performed both in-office and at-home, Vision Therapy can help to strengthen and sometimes fix a wide variety of visual system and eye function problems. The Vision Therapy Clinic at BCEC is the area’s only full-service vision therapy provider!

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